CXXX – One sleep until Christmas

Wednesday December 24th, 2014

Jeni reunited with her happy momma
Jeni reunited with her happy momma

One sleep till Christmas. Today we have to go down to Miami and pick Jen up at the airport. So far everything is on time. The weather up north is wet but not winter. They may get a little snow at home tomorrow but it will likely be a sloppy Christmas.

It is a three hour drive to Miami from Burnt Store. Homer Simpson did his best to get us to the airport. We arrived about 15 minutes too early and had to do the slow drive and stop through the arrivals area. We were accosted by the parking cop traffic copon the segway. He persisted in keeping us moving every few minutes. I would move forward 50 feet and he would keep at it. No Christmas spirit present in him. I don’t wish him any ill…his vocation is likely justice enough. Finally Jeni caught up with her luggage and appeared before her frantic mother…

We stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant where none of the staff could speak English. The food was pretty good and gas mileage improved. When we arrived Jen was eager to check out the manatees and one was performing. Watching manatees is like submarine races…




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