CLXXI – Marathon High stakes Bingo!

Wednesday February 4th, 2015 – still near the bridge awaiting a mooring ball

Here at Marathon they hold a daily Bingo. Yesterday we only needed 9 more numbers to make it to the Bingo and get a mooring ball. Our anchor is secure here, a little close to some folks but so far we have not hit anyone. The breeze has kicked up a bit and the hoped for departure of at least 9 of these folks may not come through.
We hoped to get to a mooring ball so we could rent a car or ride the Pineapple Express to Key West. It would be a crime to be this close and not get to see the fabled geriatric hippy throw back community and all the music, fun, food and frolic therein.
I managed to pick up a new straw hat. This latest model blocks the sun for a radius of about 2 meters (six feet) around me. The only problem is I have an uncontrollable urge to pick beans or cultivate rice… Mary Lynn won’t let me wear my rubber boots so it’s not as bad as it could be.
We are sitting here not listening to the wind generator from Hell and waiting for the Marathon version of the Cruisers net. Maybe I can find a tech savvy dude to help with my wind generator. They have a very extensive buy/sell/trade section of the ‘show’.
Prior to today’s show one of the liveaboards asked for others to call his cell phone so that he might find it… Thats never happened to any of you has it. By way of an update he has gotten to a few feet from it now he has to rummage through his stuff and maybe under his mattress…Tabernac

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