CLXXIII still no mooring ball

Friday February 6th, 2015 Marathon Florida

Mangos are ashore waiting their latest arrival. Sounds ominous doesn’t it. Yesterday they won the Marathon harbor bingo and got their mooring ball. The only good thing about them getting a mooring ball and we not is that they are located so far east that they are almost out of Florida. We remain here among the other liveaboard flotsam and jetsam out here by the bridge in a blustery 15 to 25 winds. John a purist, sails whenever possible and also rows his hard dinghy around. The practicality of having a motorized tender became apparent to him when he had to go somewhere when it blows like it is today.  They are expecting the arrival of a 2 hp honda power plant…I look forward to races and water skiing.

Yesterday was Mary Lynn (the admirals birthday) we had the Mangos or is it Mangoes over for our celebratory dinner. It went well. ML wanted a belt for her birthday. That left the options open for me… She was happy with her gifts, which include a Sophia Loren hat from the Mangoes. Picture to follow.

We continue to await the weather here, looks like a good chance to move on Sunday and Monday and again on or about Thursday.

More later


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