CIX – Fort McRee to Destin

Wednesday December 3rd, 2014

Blue Angels in the rigging...great pic if I do say so me self
Blue Angels in the rigging…great pic if I do say so me self

Nothing short of a close encounter with a giant squid, the sunset green flash or a close encounter with ET could top yesterday. To say Mary Lynn was excited is an understatement. She has been eager to see dolphins and yesterday was a huge day for seeing dolphins everywhere. First feet on deck in the morning and there was a momma and baby circling the boat. No ‘gators though.

As we got closer to Pensacola and the naval air station the military aircraft show increased in intensity. Mango informed us that the Blue Angels moved to Arizona for the winter after the air show a couple of weeks ago. We however were in luck. Just after we anchored we saw four F-18s take off in formation and turn to Fracas. Camera ready I shot a series even one with the planes directly over Fracas’ mast.

We are anchored in a channel in hard sand. Lots of opportunity to walk ashore and we walked out to the ocean and took a look at the channel we will use to get to sea today. We thought about waiting here for Mango and Crows but the weather is favourable and we might get a chance to shake down the boat if the wind turns south later this afternoon. We have about 40 nm to get to Destin Fl.

We have to do some time travel but I don’t think that is today. Likely the next leg as we near St. Joes…back to Eastern time. timezone-map

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