CXII – Panama City – Grande Lagoon

Saturday December 6, 2014
My laptop has failed to boot…things got bounced around a bit yesterday and I did not have the laptop stored in a good place. My IT department is about 1500 nm away so I will let it rest a while and think about things. Thank goodness I have my very reliable and steady IPAD.
Today should be the day to jump across to the West coast of Florida. We are not positioned for that though. To add to that we are socked in with fog. So an early start like we had planned will not take place.
The only problem I have is posting pictures using the IPAD and the APP to get at my website and blog.
We are anchored just west of the off ocean inlet at Panama City, called Grande Lagoon. We are surrounded by Jelly Fish. I heard that there had been an explosion in the population but they are everywhere. Makes swimming an action sport. I might have to double my hydrachlorothiazide to insure I have enough Pee to self medicate the stings.
Hopefully the fog will clear soon.

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