Circus Bikes…Yikes!

Thursday December 08th, 2016

Yesterday ML decided she would do laundry, that left me a couple of hours to come up with something to do. I decided to take my circus bike (folding dahon) and go bike about. Jim (wind machine) had told me about Chapman’s marine which he thought was a good marine store with prices less than We$t Marine. Let’s put circus bike travel in perspective:

  • Publix is an easy ride
  • ABC liquor store is a medium ride but there is incentive
  • We$t Marine is a long ride, your a$$ and knee get sore
  • Chapman’s marine is a expedition…sweat, sore ass, sore knee and confusion (why did I decide to do this (and you still have to get back))


Circus bike, the guy is 4 foot 5…

I have yet to travel this far walking or circus biking without the assistance or involvement of John Mango (Tykol).  Moses went for a short walk according to John. Once he took us on a short walk to an Italian restaurant and we had to stop to eat on the way.


The marina does offer a free shopping shuttle service twice a week. Normally these treks are on Tuesday and Thursday. This week Thursday happens on Friday (the little bus is in for service). I should have waited but it was a nice day. There were a couple of near misses when bad drivers tried to kill me but the little circus bike persevered.

Chapman’s is a good marine store. They have a lot of the hardware, pumps, hoses and fittings that are missing at We$t Marine. They also have cans and jugs of all the chemicals and paints required to maintain a boat.

The cockpit teak refurbishing is continuing. The combings are done with five coats. Just the fore and aft trim of the cockpit yet to go. I also have the salt and scum to remove from the waterline and lower part of the hull. This involves using an acid solution…what could go wrong.

More later

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