Cabbage Key

One of the plethora of hell balls (crab pots) on the trail over to Cabbage Key

Yesterday was my birthday. April 1st, ya ya, certifiable fool, I accept. We decided that we would do late lunch at Cabbage Key. Cabbage Key is touted as a bit of old Florida. It certainly is a busy spot for lunch, especially on a nice day. We were assigned a spot on the beach and pulled up the dinghies. I tied ours to a palm tree using the best John Wayne horse knot I could.

One of the tour boat/ferries (Lady Chadwick) disgorging folks at Cabbage Key

Cabbage Key operates a restaurant, cottages, marina and walking trails. The place was quite busy. The restaurant was nearly full but not packed. Boats of all types and sizes continued to come and go. The menu is well done and mostly local sea food. ML did find a hamburger to eat. This is possibly the place inspiring Jimmy Buffet’s Hamburger in Paradise.

Functioning water tower. This tower was built in the 30’s and has stood up to several major storms. It has outlasted many steel structures. You can climb up and view from the top but my spider sense was tingling.

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