Barnacle Bill, the $ailor?

November’s twenty third, Twenty seventeen

Yesterday I put two coats of bottom paint on Fracas. She looks pretty good. Hopefully I will have time to get the rest of the wax on the hull before splash. As Fracas ages it seems to get harder to do the painting. That’s not accurate, as I age it seems to take longer to paint her. Painting the bottom requires agility, flexibility, energy and focus… I lack most of those.

I wore my croc flops while painting. I am diligent to wear safety footwear off the boat. My work flops do not shield my feet from the paint. It seems I have painted my nails. The colour/color is a thick coppery black. It looks like a poor nail job. Not the professional job done in those nail shops by paper mask wearing folks. Those paper masks shielding them from methacrylates and organic solvents…

There may have been organic solvents etc in the paint I was using. As I painted I kept singing… well louder. Our boat neighbour/neighbor finally came over and put duct tape over my mouth and made me get down from the bow sprit and remove my feather boa… The fumes wore off and I competed the boat, I hope it was Fracas?

The only barnacles I found when prepping the bottom were in the small gap between the hull and the rudder. I enjoyed removing those hitchhikers with a screw driver. It got me to singing though…  “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”. I used the googlizer to find the actual lyrics of the Barnacle Bill song. A somewhat dirty ditty is what I found. I was going to put them up here but chivalry is not dead. I did put the site into my favourites favorites however.

I thought it was a neat pun, the actual ‘barnacle bill’ was about 6 or 7 hundred bucks.

Today is American Thanksgiving. We have been invited to the family gathering at the mango’s sister up North a bit. I don’t know what to wear? I’ve searched online and they seem to all dress up like early settlers, nay pilgrims. The only exposure I’ve had to pilgrims is the odd reference made by Duke (John) Wayne.

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