I have all the components? Well almost

November’s eighteenth, twenty seventeen

Getting the exhaust riser was the last big puzzle piece to complete before Fracas could be considered for splashing. We have been in the condo for 10 days and it is kind of nice to not have to worry about the anchor and pump outs. But it’s time to get moving.

I still have two through hulls to lap, lube and set. The exhaust has to be re-installed. The hull has to be waxed and the bottom painted. Oh ya, I don’t have the bottom paint. Last year I used West Marine’s ablative paint. This particular paint had a high rating from Practical Sailor magazine. In the 2017 test they still show it high but I’m not so sure about my use of their paint. The factor I have to consider is the month or so I spend in brackish water.

This season I will try Sea Hawk paint, a local ‘made in Florida’ paint company. They make the stuff I would like to use but it’s not available here in the U.S. Probably because if you set the can on the lawn it kills a three foot circle around the can.

In the running for this years bottom and for my paint t shirt (no barnacles on that shirt) are Sea Hawk’s Biocop TF and Cukote. Both are ablative, meaning they slough away chemically and as the boat moves through the water leaving a fresh layer of the poison.  This morning I will talk to Tim at FF marina and see what he can get the cheapest and quickest.

I’m not sure this has been of interest to any of you but it has been helpful to me in decision making and so far I haven’t got any paint on me…yet.

UPDATE: The pork chops and bologna for Captain Rick that I sent by USPS are moving slowly, they are curing I hope as they go.  I just had a fleeting thought of the Christmas lady… it has been many years since she went missing. The French foreign legion lead the that the Pet detective was following didn’t pan out… now I can’t find the Pet Detective either… more later

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