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El Niño

When I contemplate our move south to Fracas I have to consider the weather and weather patterns. I used to like winter…not so much now. It’s not all about my croc flops. Thinking about simple things like scraping the windshield make me shudder. I did like using the snow blower but everyone has their perversions…This winter concerns me for a couple of reasons. 1. Leaving my grandson here, 2. We are coming back for Christmas and 3. El Niño… (It’s pissing me off more because I have to go to the special characters to do the friggin Ñ. Sorry, 1 more than a couple.

el kabongAt first I thought that they named El Niño after that famous mexican villain El Kabong ( a much easier name to deal with ). El Kabong was the caped character from Quick Draw McGraw cartoon. Where was I? I just noticed that El Kabong looks a lot like Quick Draw…and Quick Draw differs from other cartoons, not having three fingers.

El Niño! you ask? Oh ya… El Niño. El Niño is the warm phase of a naturally occurring warm body of water off the equatorial Pacific ocean off the Americas. Think of peeing in the pool…an area of the pool warms up but there may be other effects. The El Niño this year is likely to be warmer than in 1997-8 when we had that major ice storm in Ontario, in fact a Super El Niño .  El Niño normally means a warmer and drier winter for Ontario….I’m still not staying here. The interesting thing is that when we are in a El Niño phase hurricanes are less frequent as we have seen this year (Joaquin notwithstanding) I like that part. I’m fairly sure that El Niño has no effect on Happy Hour…bring on the Bahamas.

Below is a clip of the quality television (Quick Draw McGraw) I think he was part of the Huckleberry Hound show or was that Ed Sullivan?

Preparations continue for our departure…what to pack and what will fit and what the airlines allow… more tomorrow

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