Quick note:

My ability to blog is directly related to my ability to connect to the internet. Since I am only able to connect from time to time for short duration you will have to wait a few for a more complete version of events. We are fine. The boat is in pretty good shape. The barnacles I suited up to do battle with on the Prop turned out to be snot like creatures that didn’t require much elbow grease.

In a nutshell, our flights were fine. The hotel was ok and served the purpose. We got to Fracas on Tuesday morning and have been working and shopping non stop.  Lots of systems and stuff did not like the heat over the summer. The freezer works and the fridge not so much. So, the freezer will be the fridge until I can sort out the fridge. It is also quite hot and very calm.

My internet connection with the world has a corroded connection and I am limited to the outernet…I have to have conversations…OMG

More later when I can sit with a beer ashore connected…

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