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Wednesday December’s 6th, twenty seventeen 06:27

During our years on the water we have stayed in quite a number of marinas. These marinas have certainly varied in level of facilities, maintenance and characters. I’m still scoping out this marina here at Nettles Island. We are lucky that they decided to open up and let us have a slip. For example, only our pier has power, planking on the main walk way is down but not nailed, and you have to walk the cement curb to get to the showers and laundry (no decking yet). Not complaining, we are lucky and happy to have a spot. WiFi is good and quick.

Yesterday morning I jumped on my circus bike and went for a ride. The layout of this place is, well, a maze. As I rode among the homes I had a sense of a Smurf village or that I was in Whoville. Nettles Island is a man made or man embellished island that was initially a vacation trailer/rv park. There are still a small number of lots for trailers and RVs. Some of the residences are trailers that have been heavily modified and made permanent. The majority however are permanent homes that have been built on the small and unusually shaped lots.

Map of Nettles Island –  The shapes of the lots are from the quadrilateral family and range from rhombus to trapezoid with many variations of each. The colors of the homes are typically Caribbean and that adds to the affect. The properties are very well kept and sale prices range from 300K to 400K for the houses and 150K to 250K for the trailer conversions. They have a recreation area in the center of the island with tennis courts, pickle ball, shuffleboard and mini-golf. The owner’s association also owns a property across AIA on the ocean. This property gives them access to the ocean and has a nice pool, bar and patio. I don’t think its open to boaters though… we can access the ocean through there.

Overall, it is an interesting and busy community. We are delighted to be a small part of Nettles Island. more later

Activity Report:

ML did laundry. Yesterday she bagged up flimsies and such and went off to find the machines. Turns out only one of the three washers actually work, but all the dryers do? She stuck it out and did a couple of loads certainly cheaper than in the Bahamas. I think when we get the car back she will venture off to a big laundromat to have the laundry extravaganza.

I decided it was a good day to tackle patching the recently completed job on the cap rail teak. During the summer storms the hold down straps vibration had damaged the finish. Sikkens is forgiving and relatively easy to touch up and repair. I will get all the repairs done and give it a complete coat of gloss. I also started stripping and sanding the aft portion of the cockpit teak.

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