‘Winter comes to Florida’ or ‘See Floridians run for their parkas’

Thursday December’s 7th, twenty seventeen

For days the talking heads on TV have been predicting the 30 degree f temperature drop scheduled for Friday overnight. A large and slow moving cold front will slide into the area and bring Florida’s version of winter.  Already they are warning folks “if you leave your dog outside be sure to plug him in” and “don’t bring your BBQ into the house for personal warmth”. Being from Northern Ontario I will simply switch to my fleece thong. I’m kidding.

I will likely switch to long sleeves, daytime highs will be in the low 60s and overnight lows in the low 50s. It will be cold for Florida. This cold snap will likely last until we leave Florida on Thursday as a second lesser cold front rolls in. It will be fun to watch Floridians bundle up to survive these temps. I do feel sorry for their squirrels (lizards) poor cold blooded critters.

Mangos are working on their boat in the middle of nowhere marina (with the cows). They are waiting for some part vital to the operation of an Island Packet. They are unable to pronounce what it is on the phone but I’m assured it is vital. They are hoping to splash on Monday next week. They are swooping in to pick us up and take us to our car. They are on their way up to K’s parents for a couple of days then we will pick them up for the return run to the middle of nowhere. They are going to have a sleep over on Fracas on Saturday on the way back.

It will be nice to have the car again. We have a growing list of things and stuff to pick up. I am hoping that John has the strength to lift me up the mast to complete a couple of jobs. more later


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