April fools eve?

Friday March 31st, 2017

Tomorrow is my 64th birthday. Yes I was born on April fools day 1953. In 1953 you might be driving a made in Canada 1953 Pontiac pathfinder. On the radio might be the April 1953  number one hit by Patti Page ‘How much is the doggie in the window’. Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1953 and more importantly colour televisions made their debut and cost over a grand in 1953 Canadian pesos. The best picture award was won by ‘High Noon’ and Gary Cooper for best actor in ‘High Noon’.

Debbie Reynolds is the only other famous person to share April 1st as a birthday with me. April 1st is also the date attributed to the founding of Apple computers by the Steves. People don’t forget my birthday but there is no other benefit to the date. You get some ribbing about being a fool, but luckily you don’t need to be born on April 1st to be a fool. I thought of having my birthday legally changed but it might leave a scar.

We may have to leave this marina in the morning. The management wasn’t sure if the slip owners were coming back on April 1 or not. This holiday has lasted long enough. Fracas will limp away with her bandaged exhaust and we will flop around the local ICW for a week or 10 days until we get hauled.

more later



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