Tuesday February 28th, 2017


This is what my laundry wagon looks like. Nothing funny right. It used to be red

Yesterday was laundry day. Laundry day consists of cramming our laundry into sacks that when complete look like we are removing bodies from FRACAS. Two of these bags loaded into our wagon and off we go to the laundromat. But first the uncontrolled giggling and laughing of the guy in the car on the pier. I pulled my wagon over to him and said “What”? He looked at me momentarily with that surprised look and then the look when you try to supress laughter… then that failed and he was laughing and giggling again. So, I asked him the appropriate question, “where can I rent a donkey”?


The trek to the local laundromat is less than a mile but not much less. Along the way folks turned, twisted and contorted around to get a glimpse of my wagon. I’m not sure what is so funny about my wagon? Those of you who follow us might remember last year when we stopped here. I may not have mentioned it because back then I had writer’s block and had to go to the witch doctor exorcist to get cured…my neck still hurts.

Last year a rat (Rattus norvegicus) (wharf rat) (common rat) (street rat) (Norway rat) (sewer rat) (Hanover rat) passed through the laundromat at the same time that ML was jumping up on the clothes folding table in the laundromat. I had to remain in the laundry the whole time to protect ML from any future incursions. It was funny, all I had to do was dart my eyes to the floor and she would jump up on the table. But that was then and this is now, KMango went with ML and I could move on and do Captain stuff. JMango had already returned to their boat as he did not have a wagon to pull.

I would like to report that the laundromat in Marsh Harbour has improved from last year. I’d like to but I can’t. ML reports that less than 1/3 of the machines in the place work. The dryers give you four rotations for 0.25 U.S. so the laundry took the typical Bahamian price of $30 +/-. It seems like conditions have deteriorated here to the point that even the rats have moved on.  I guess the way to get laundry done is to take a dock at one of the marinas (if available) but they usually only have a couple of machines albeit much cleaner and in serviceable condition. Choosing a marina laundry options might mean that you don’t get the interaction with wildlife. ML’s haste to get out of the laundromat lead to stuff hanging from everything below decks to get stuff fully dry.

Later in the day we went to Wally’s for lunch. Nice service, good food and very nice napkins. They were monogrammed. We went walk about and went to the Sand Dollar to look at jewelry made from Conch pearls. Conch pearls are formed inside the conch, I don’t know if they grow from an irritant seed like oyster pearls or if they are conch kidney stones. Have you ever seen what comes out of a conch shell when they clean it. Picture that thing that came out of Sigourney Weaver’s stomach in Alien, now make it hideous. Something worse than that comes out of the conch. No wonder they use a shell to hide it.

Now I’m going to clean my camera and charge the battery. I’m sure most of you come here to see the pictures and this shit is getting boring.

more later


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