Monday February 27th, 2017

Let’s get the weather out of the way right at the outset. The wind has built a bit overnight to 10 to 15 from the East. That will help cool things down a bit from yesterday. Not much wind yesterday and it was hot on the boat and really hot on shore. I guess I have to venture up to the cockpit to see if there is cloud cover…just a sec. Mostly clear with some scudding (move fast in a straight line because or as if driven by the wind) clouds. There is also another definition of scudding (Scottish, ‘She scudded me upside the head’ slap, swat or spank). Of the two definitions, one should be avoided if possible.

I don’t have any pictures of yesterday. My camera and lenses need to be cleaned up and I haven’t had the time (energy) to do that. One of the jobs for today will be to get camera equipment charged and cleaned up. Still not sure of our itinerary for the next week. We may go over to Hope Town for a day or two and be back here for the weekend. We still have stuff to do here, laundry and a couple of shopping things.  Marsh harbour has an Ace hardware so I have to visit it, my new favourite store.

I have word that my friend Captain Rick is back in the BVI working at Penn’s Landing a marina near the Airport on Tortola. If you are ever in Fat Hog’s Bay or vicinity drop in, take a mooring ball or give them a call. Glad to hear that Rick was released from Guantanamo Bay in time to meet Louise on Grand Cru.

Yesterday we added the forward side windows to the new Dodger. It is fitting pretty well for a first attempt at a project like this. We are a few sewing days away from putting it on the frame and finally leaving it. The old one will only take a few more cycles of removal and reinstalling before it will fall apart. It looks good and the new lighter colour (Oyster) is much cooler. The Bimini top will follow but should be an easy job compared to the dodger.

Yesterday along with the Mangos we were guests aboard DevOcean for dinner and fun. John and Karen brought along the blend whacker and we had pina coladas, once the smoke cleared.

more later with pictures


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