Departure date… check!

Thursday January 26th, 2017

The decision has been made, we are going to move on Monday. We both have a few projects and provisioning to do. We are going to go to the Bahamas and likely spend our time in the Northern Bahamas around Abaco Island. So, we will begin to work our way south to position for the next nice weather window to cross to West End Grand Bahama.

Mangos were involved in a collision at the fuel dock yesterday. It wasn’t their fault and I’ll leave the details to them. A younger Canadian couple from Toronto hit Mango and the young lady injured her arm. No broken bones.  The story at ‘Sailing Last Mango’.

Today I will begin the full boat inspection and develop a last minute work list. ML will begin to fill our larders with provisions (Food etc.) and I rum.  We have to fill up all of our fuel tanks, it won’t be cheaper in the Bahamas.

More importantly I can get this blog moving as travel adventures!!

This morning’s mood is brought to you by a new coffee. For Christmas Crystal gave us a couple of pounds of coffee from the ‘Full Steam’ Coffee Company. It is roasted in Nova Scotia in Guysborough. The coffee is their ‘Titanic 1912’ dark roast. OOOOOOoooo Titanic. They market themselves as a seacoast town and their coffees all are named accordingly.

Boiler Stoker, Perfect Storm, Titanic 1912, Fogarty’s Cove, Full Steam, Even Keel, Louisbourg 1713, and SS Malcolm Cann (a steamship that sailed the Nova Scotia Shore long ago). Pretty good coffee and worthy of a try if you are a coffee snob or like a good cup. I have not received anything from these people for this plug but would if offered.

Yesterday we added the next section to the new Dodger/Bimini. We have the upper part so it  will zip on the frame. The main front window is now prepared and zippers installed.

I ordered a new Jeezuz bolt for the windlass. This small left hand thread bolt is on it’s way from Scotland and hopefully will be here before we leave on Monday.

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