Christmas Lady last seen… BOLO

Monday December 05th, 2016

christmas lady
Christmas Lady on the left

Lianne posted a picture of her Santa yesterday and also posted a question. What do we know about the Christmas Lady? I did engage a detective ‘Shylock Hemlock’ a well known Caribbean detective of some repute (never convicted). You may recall that the Christmas lady went off several Christmas’s ago in search of a man. My first observation of this festive holiday lady was when she proclaimed she would have a man for Christmas (Spanish town, Virgin Gorda, BVI). I narrowly escaped her and made it back to the yard.

Shylock reports that in 2013 she worked as a massage therapist on the cruise ship ‘Navigator of the tahiti-jailSeas’. There was an incident and she was incarcerated and jailed in this facility in Tahiti. She tunneled out and escaped in early 2014 along with another prisoner (the backhoe operator). Shylock traced her movements around Tahiti and around Christmas 2014 the trail went cold.  He does have a lead that in 2015mary-kay she was seen in the company of this woman in Bismarck North Dakota. They were described as a couple of ‘full figured gals’ heavily made up and travelling in a late model pink Cadillac. They are further described as unarmed and dangerous. Hopefully they did not tragically end in a Thelma and Louise canyon jumping…

Today, I have to take the orange car back to Enterprise. But first I have to make the booze run and exchange a propane tank. Work, Work and Work. Yesterday we went shopping to Port St. Lucie there is a no dearth of  stores there.

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