Trains, Planes and Automobiles…?

Tuesday December 06th, 2016 – Ball 44

I’ve mentioned that this marina, Sunset Bay Marina and Anchorage is a nice place. It is operated by staff who care and it is nicely maintained. They don’t have a pool but they have everything else. Stuart Florida,  the surrounding community is also very nice, everything we need is within walking and biking distance.

florida-east-coast-railwayMy only complaint are the trains, planes and well, automobiles. The tracks are just behind the marina. The Florida East Coast Railway ( F.E.C.R.) runs freight on this line with about 10 trains during the dark hours and maybe a few during the day. These… FECR’s blow their horns every thirty or forty feet as they transit Stuart. When these FECR’s pass through the bridge structures there is a reverberation that rattles the rigging. These FECR’s are obligated to blow their whistles whenever they come to one of these signswhistle-sign along the tracks.  The obvious solution would be to remove the signs. I don’t think I have time to get them all. The last time a train passed I counted the number of horn honks I could hear. Thirty six with some weird Doppler effect happening, notwithstanding physics thirty six!!!

We are also on the glide path for the local airport. This airport has a lot of private jet traffic but it is during the day and I like airplanes.

Automobiles, with the exception of the firetrucks or fire engines whichever the hell they are and all the various and numerous police cars with their sirens screaming it is a nice quiet place. The good luckily outweighs the bad.  But, Armour Island anchorage ( North Channel 46° 7.078’N 82° 18.977’W ) this is not.

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