Thursday January 28th, 2016

Yesterday was Dave’s birthday so we decided to have him over for a birthday lunch. ML made an upside down cake for his birthday cake complete with symbolic candles (3) and even at his new fairly advanced age he managed to put out the fire. It is difficult to get gifts for people here so ML made him a loaf of regular old bread. So armed with his bread, the remains of the cake and a jar of real whipped cream he said it was a pretty good birthday.

We were going to go over to Chat N Chill for an hour or so but the wind was up and I had already been drenched by the trip back from reading with the kids. So we just stayed on the boat. Tomorrow (today now) looks like a nice Bahamian day, with whispering gentle breezes and glorious clear sunshine…ya right.

Every now and then I still curse the previous owners of FRACAS and or the people they had work on her. I have replaced almost all of the wiring. Almost! The bilge pumps were running slowly and not pumping when required. We noticed this in one of the squalls when Phil and Judith were here. I have indicators on the binnacle when pumps are running. The wiring to the pumps looked good at the pump end and good at the end where it ties into the panel. It had to be a bad wire somewhere in between. The pumps don’t run that often but when they need to they NEED TO.

Cut, Cut, snip and snip and I started pulling the wire out. Like the alien from ‘Alien this thing emerged. The wire was festooned with twist on marettes every 18 inches or so. A quilt work of wire chunks of various colours and sizes. Sister Mary Francis tabernac, how did it work this long. What other wiring have I not changed, the hunt is on. The pumps all work properly. A bilge alarm is next on the list. Should be able to pick one up here for less than a boat buck.

I think today will be a day to get off the boat perhaps a beach walk on the Ocean side or a outing into town not sure yet.  It’s almost time for the weather so I will have to shut this down for a tic. I bet you will hardly notice I’m gone.

The Chris Parker weather was sort of the same as always, either we are about to have a cold front or a cold front is regressing to get us again or it will be here in two days. The cold front in our case will likely pass through GT about noon tomorrow but may not be as big event as some of the others we have recently had. Here’s hoping.

While waiting at the infernal water line at the Exuma Market dock I bumped into a Looper acquaintance from along the trail Bob Stoltenberg from the S boat Eclipse. He got here recently and of course was bitching about the weather. He got behind us when he spent an extended period in Marathon. That place can grab you and hold you…his wife Camie I believe got a job. He is likely going to work his way back to Florida.

Our grandson Harrison is growing and developing like crazy. These recent pictures show some of the extent of his exploring. I can barely remember the feeling when you jam a mouthful or so of fries in and throw your head back and Arrrghmmmmm!IMG_0701

His mother is a dietician so I assume he is just playing with the fry package. He is sure growing though. IMG_0702




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