Wednesday January 27th, 2016

I avoided the mirror this morning.

The difference between getting wet and getting soaked is about 3 kts of wind. I left the boat yesterday to make a water run across to Georgetown. This is normally  a quick run of about 1.5 nautical miles. Relatively dry and a nice boat ride over. I loaded up my 4 jerry cans with water, picked up the groceries on my list and started back. Holy Crap, first off the rage was set up under the bridge. A rage is when the wind is against the tidal flow and creates these ugly and wet standing waves. The dinghy with the new 200 pounds of water decided to plough instead of float. I then suffered through 1.5 nm of very wet dinghy travel. I tried going south to Moss Cays and then a cross chop run to FRACAS, that was a good idea but I took great gulps of sea water at every wave. Sometimes when you get wet you get to a point when it doesn’t matter anymore. I was there.

At the grocery store I was going to try and get the ingredients for “my soup”. My soup is a Italian Hot sausage and pepper soup, it requires about 8 cups of chicken broth. Did I mention I forgot my shoes? I scanned the door for the typical “No Shoes…NO SERVICE”… seeing none I charged ahead. Mary Lynn is out of yeast and she showed me the package, my problem  was I man looked at it… so I got 6 packs of the three different types and varieties of yeast. They had peppers, I was lucky it was Tuesday. Chicken broth, Chicken broth… they had beef broth and TURKEY BROTH??? No chicken broth to be found. While I stood there contemplating TURKEY BROTH the one really helpful man came by, quickly scanned my feet and said “can I help you”? He didn’t say “Can I help you out”? as in out of the store. Lucky break.

Typical intelligent fine looking chicken
Typical goofy looking deer in the headlights Turkey

He was fairly certain that Turkey broth could be used in place of chicken broth but I’m not so sure. Have you ever seen turkeys? Turkeys in my opinion are several major evolutionary steps beneath chickens. Chickens are beautiful birds with a hint of a brain… turkeys not so much. No soup for me.

I guess I can’t slip by without at least giving you a link to the recipe. This soup is very good. You must use hot sausage though. I like the recipes at theslowroasteditalian.com This particular soup recipe can be found at http://communitytable.parade.com/217706/donnaelick/30-minute-italian-sausage-and-pepper-soup/

Notwithstanding the Turkey/Chicken broth I would still have had to find sufficient basil to chop a cup. The salesman is normally at the bridge when I walk by…he has all manner of….’greens’.

more later

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