24112015.41 – Red Shanks

Tuesday November 24th, 2015

We are sort of stuck here at Red Shanks, about 2 miles or so from Georgetown. It is quite protected here at the Turtle Hole. The wind still gets to the boat but mitigated a little. The best part is the higher land around us messes up the wind some and gives us a break about 5 kts worth… We are not really stuck here, it would be uncomfortable (wet) to leave just now. We will move out of here on Friday high tide and go back over to Stocking Island for the volleyball, water aerobics and poker.

The most upsetting part is the thermostat/controller I need for the freezer is likely at Forbes. I have to learn to be patient[1]. I have installed a relay that runs the freezer whenever the fridge isn’t running and so far that is keeping the ice frozen. I think the meat in there is frozen, frosty or fermenting (some f word)…I know ice cream wouldn’t survive though.

The good thing about all this wind is how much power we are generating. Last night we broke even on the fridge and freezer. Now solar will kick in when and if we see the sun and we will have a plus day for energy. It would be great if we can go a few days without starting the engine or the generator.

If we stay on the boat = not going to Georgetown we will miss grocery day. Today is the day the big green boat comes in and suddenly the fresh vegetable and fruit section exists. On Monday it looks like the morning after at a wedding buffet…did I paint a picture? We are finding it quite expensive to eat here. What with our Canadian monopoly money vs the U.S. I considered having ‘critter d’jour’ on the menu but critters are in short supply and very friggin’ fast here, too fast for even a new pair of Croc flops.

tommy-bahama-oahu-floral-island-boxers-for-men-in-tropical-floral-blue~p~7660m_01~220.2If you are considering coming down here pay more attention to your underwear. I’m not going to get into a discussion about boxers vs briefs (who gives a rat’s ass) but the colour and pattern should be considered. And please remember this discussion is about me…ML always wears the appropriate clothing/flimsies for the season/time… Me not so much. A good pair of Mark’s WWH boxers for sleeping, deck work and happy hour work fine. Perhaps just make sure they are fully functional (all buttons and no holes) and some appropriate tropical colour and pattern.  Mango very seldom wore clothing at all (as reported by KT) …but I worry about him… and by way of explanation…he’s been hit by several cars. Only once did I find myself at the dinghy dock (no pun intended) in only my boxers and after 11:00!!!

Oh ya, Rick and Mark from Grand Cru are having her lifted in Spanish Town in the BVI. They will scratch, fondle and paint here while in the yard. The best part is they will be there near Christmas and will be on the lookout for the Christmas Lady near her throne at Buck’s grocery!!!

[1] Mary Lynn says

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