23112015.43 Solo outing prior to Cold Front

Monday November 23, 2015

Just a short entry to let you know we are still struggling with the freezer, the internet and the weather. Perhaps we came too early. Anyhow, we are preparing for the next cold front which is scheduled to arrive at about 6pm tonight. The forecast says it will hid quickly and hard with winds suddenly piping up to 23 to 28 with gusts into the low 30’s. This wind will continue until at least Friday morning. So you see the dilema… I must store enough beer and ice to make it through. You are correct in assuming that rum supply is not an issue at the moment.

I should have listed windows 10 to the list. My laptop struggles to function with the new greatest operating system Microsoft could come up with. Perhaps they should have skipped 10 as well as 9 and waited for 11.

More later….

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