13122015.321 – Going home soon

Sunday December 13th, 2015

Today is Sunday and I slept in. I made it to 06:30, the time Chris Parker normally begins to talk about the weather we are possibly going to have in the Bahamas. You could listen to what I listen to Monday through Saturday by going here and just signing in with your boat name or a fictitious name. Don’t type in any questions or you will get busted for not being a paying customer. Just click here for the link. He gives a synopsis for the Bahamas and outlook for wind, rain and squalls for five or six days. He might say things like wow, the Bahamas are in for some fun or The cold front you have will be supported by a back door cold front and then I don’t have a clue what might happen…

r12_ICastNormally the weather is not such a big deal. Even windy and squally is better than up north right…. Not so this year. It seems that winter is avoiding you folks so we have to do better here. I think a meeting is in order and you bastards that draw blue cold fronts and red warm fronts and the deviant that draws brown troughs need to get your shit together. Notice the brown line directly through us…dire predictions for the wrong side of that… Cold fronts coming in from Canada and the USA are common here all through our winter. Normally some of them don’t get through to the Georgetown area. But when they do you have a day or so of high winds and squalls then they go away. Not so this year, they are lingering and messing around.

The weather does give me something to do in the morning before I try to blog and while I make the coffee. Hard to believe I am about to say “I’m looking forward to coming home for the coffee”. Forget Christmas gifts, I will buy a bag of Kicking Horse coffee at my first opportunity.  I have at last count 10 to 15 weather apps on my I stuff. It’s a man thing, just like we don’t want to know what is on TV…we want to know what else is on TV and click away. I want to go through my weather apps until I find a forecast that meets with my needs or triggers terror.

ml party one
Christmas Lady Lunch…ML not shown

Yesterday Mary Lynn went to St Francis Resort for a Christmas Lady Lunch. Just like you I jumped to thought, a fund raiser to help defray the costs of Ace Ventura and Eddie Valiant (that might get some of you scrambling to google). But no, it was a social outing. They even had a gift exchange and the organizer was quite strict in banning men from the event. We were allowed to drop the women off at the dock and go away. Three and a half hours later they were done and by all accounts had a good time. I can barely imagine what kind of scheming and plotting went on for three and a half hours…but I did wake up unscathed this morning.

What did I do while this party was underway? I finished sanding section one of the caprail (a ten foot section that is the beginning of an ongoing teak maintenance program) and applied the first coat of sikkens. Only 7 more sections and 5 coats to go…Sister Mary Francis.

24 oz tervisThe other major discover I made while on my own involved rum and conservation. It always bothers me to put the correct amount of ice and rum in my glass then the Pepsi and I have some Pepsi left in the can. I drink as quickly as I can but the remainder of the Pepsi is flat and full of bugs when I get back to it.

This little puppy holds the right amount of ice, rum ( I was able to adjust the rum a bit) and a full can of Pepsi… PRICELESS! Now I know some of you are saying “a full can of Pepsi?”… Yes a full can, and not that diet stuff with the aspartame. I’m off that stuff. It must be bad for you, since I stopped drinking aspartame I don’t have to wear my name-tag and harness in the morning.

I did have to be sure that this 24oz special would work everywhere. It just fits in the T/T Fracas’ cup holder. The only drawback is it has a threaded top for the idiot resistant lid. I don’t like drinking from things with threads ( read that carefully…I would but I don’t like to). The drawback is the time it takes to open the protective cover, it is embarrassing to tip this big baby up and get nothing because of the lid…perhaps a hole through the lid?

What discoveries lay ahead today

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