06122015.3000 Sunday

Sunday December 06, 2015

One of the cool things about being retired is you lose track of what day it is. I don’t go to church so all the days are the same. We write the day and date on a small white board on the bulkhead by the companionway on FRACAS. It helps, as long as it is the correct entry. When it .actually is Sunday some things don’t happen that normally do. Chris Parker takes the day off to dream up the weather forecasts for the next week. But of course I put up the antenna and set up the SSB radio and was tuning away cursing the reception…when that little voice (you know the one) says “maybe it is Sunday”? I grab any one of my I devices and of course it is Sunday.

The grocery store, Exuma Market, is open every day. On Sunday however they are only open until 11 or noon (one of those).  The Harbour Services boat (formerly the pump out boat) is not on the water.

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