11012016.237 Long weekend

Monday January 11th, 2016

Yesterday we went over to Chat N Chill to listen to the local Historian Cordell Thompson and his entertaining history lecture. He spoke of the History and stories behind the history, lifestyle and booze running during prohibition. Mary Lynn enjoyed the stories, DD and I couldn’t hear very well over the public address announcements for food orders. It might also have been the sound of bubbles bursting in our Kalik?

minions_2015-1920x1080I have been following the recapture of El Chapo with interest. The Mexican police put this contractor back in the same prison his minions dug him out of. Good planning…atta boys. I’m sure the pools are already started for his next escape…El Houdini?

One of the other generous cruisers gave DD the use of a hard bottom dinghy and a 2.5Hp Honda. This will give him some independence and the ability to get off his boat on his own. It is not the fastest or the most seaworthy rig but he can run the thing standing up. He is looking for a big rock to use as bow ballast. It is one of those Walker Bay hard bottom sailing dinghies. When you have nothing it is great.

This week we have to prepare Fracas for our first guests of the year. J and P will arrive on Sunday and stay for a week. We have the sandpaper, scrapers and brushes ready for them… just kidding We will have an action packed week of excitement, rain, wind, sunburn and rum.

Yesterday we had an outing of exploration. We circumnavigated Crab Cay. We did this in part looking for any sign of DD’s dinghy or the equipment therefrom. We found lots of interesting nooks and crannies and remnants of the failed mega project. Go to crabcay.com to see the amazing development that was planned and went belly up…or is it tits up I get them mixed up? The roads are built and some of the sales center structures…too bad it would have been beautiful. There has bee no construction or activity other than sporadic maintenance of the No Trespassing signs since 2009ish.

Today is a holiday here in the Bahamas. It is Majority Day. Everything will be closed even the grocery store. We will snuggle in close to Georgetown to fill up with water and get gas if the gas station is open.  Then to the tickle trunk to find an appropriate costume…what does one wear?



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