Sunday January 10th, 2016

I did remember that today is Sunday and I didn’t have to get up to listen to the Chris Parker show. The weather this morning can be described quite simply Calm and Clear. The wind can only be described as slightly moving air. Clouds are visible but only as a ring around our blue sky. I guess this is the weather balancing things out, if you get a week’s worth of wind in two hours you get Light and Variable the next few days… We have this same forecast for the next three or four days… We can go anywhere by dinghy and I think we might

85th birthdayToday is my Dad’s 85th birthday. Happy birthday Dad sorry that we can’t be there with birthday wishes, but somebody has to be in the Bahamas and do whatever the hell we do here.

Flotsam and Jetsam; They are still finding parts of things that blew away the other night. A fuel tank and we found a Quebec flag and flag pole from one of the yachts over in the fruit bowl. There is a fleet of boats over in the fruit bowl from Quebec and the boat names are all different fruit. We took the flag and pole over to Volleyball beach and left it on one of the tables hoping that the owner would at least know it was found. No sign of DD’s dinghy and motor though. I’m afraid that it went off to the Eastern Caribbean ahead of DD. What a shit show Dave and several of the other boaters had to deal with that night. We also heard yesterday that one of the anchor rodes that had to be cut away when the windlass and bowsprit were broken off was found and they will likely lift it today.

Another casualty of the storm was my iPhone. It was in a normally safe place but the night was not a normal night and it got some…lets call it moisture in it. The phone still works find but the screen has some LSD sort of filter going on. Would you like rice with that? Yes I’m texting and using my phone with rice and silica gel packs in a small zip lock bag, sister Mary Francis.

We will take advantage of the calm weather and do some exploring and snorkelling in the dinghy. There are still some pretty good ocean swells so it will be fun to mess around in them on the other side of the island.

We had another Whitby 42 sighting yesterday Hold Fast I think he said he was hull 175.

I will get back to proper blogging and news reporting tomorrow. Batteries nearly dead in the laptop….


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