08012016.2267 – Volunteer?

Friday January 08th, 2016

Our days are full here with boat tasks, going to the beach and visiting with friends. Two or three times a week one of the boaters asks for volunteers to help with a reading program at the Library here. Children who need some extra one on one help come over and volunteers work with them to help with reading skills. I went before Christmas to volunteer but the school had cancelled the reading for exams. This past Wednesday, the day of the storm, I went over to volunteer. I was surprised that there were six volunteers, Gordon the organizer went over to the school and gets the kids and for about 30 or 45 minutes we work together. The two kids who worked with me were both reluctant at first and it was a challenge to find ways and resources to get them focused and have some fun. Am I going back today…You bet!

Yesterday we went looking for DD’s dinghy that was cut loose when he was hit by a sailboat that was dragging anchor during the wind event that may or may not have been a ‘derecho'(It was very windy for about 3.5 hours). We had no luck with his dinghy. It should have drifted down harbour but may have washed out into the ocean if the tidal flow was working against DD. The other sailboat’s anchor finally caught and his boat wrapped around Dave with his bow smashing the stern of DD’s boat. The boat is missing the dinghy, davits, solar panels, cat seats and the stern bright work. The transom of the boat is chewed pretty good as well it. It is a heartbreaking mess.

We went all the way down to Foul Cay and into Man O War but found no sign of the dinghy. We did find a 3 gallon Tohatsu fuel tank. There were other dinghies out searching and beach combing but no sign of the dinghy today. It may have gone down island and someone may find it yet we hope.

Several boats were grounded, several were damaged some severely by other boats dragging or boats dragging across other anchors and ripping them out. It was a mess. By 2pm though a lot of the folks were ashore visiting, weaving and story telling. They didn’t play volley ball but Poker night is still on.

more later

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