XXXVIII Grafton Harbor to Grafton Harbor

Tuesday September 23, 2014

Today is the official actual first day of fall. At home that would mean I could and would stop wearing shorts. My quest is to continue south enabling me to continue to wear shorts almost year round. We plan to return to the Island in April so I will likely have to wear pants through to the long weekend in May. It is another beautiful sunny day and the barometer is pegged on the high side holding steady on FAIR. The vernal equinox struck during the night…I heard it hit the boat.

First on the list for today is to move FRACAS back to the fuel dock so we don’t look like we were docked by idiots across these two fingers, this will also allow the neighbors to get out of their slips.

Three LOOPER couples took the complimentary marina van on a tour to shop for some groceries. We went inland to a town called Jerseyville or something like that. We only had to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel and we were good to go. Along the way we passed several Stanley Steamers, apparently there is some kind of a Stanley Steamer event underway here. Kinda cool watching them sit and build up enough pressure to start moving. A few of them are very quiet, others not so.

When we returned with the Walmart booty we moved FRACAS to her new home in the marina. We are on the head pier of the first covered dock…kind of nice for now…We have 1 foot under us. I will have to do a spinarama tomorrow to get out of here but I am in possession of that Ontario Boaters License.

Fuel here is $3.80 per U.S. gallon…I calculate that to be about 1.11 Canadian which is cheap for us. The Americans say it is robbery because you can get it down the street at the BP for 3.36.

The big news is I have an appointment at the O’Hair hair place to get a hair cut. ML is pissed off because she is dying to cut my hair. She has all the bowls and the mowing device…I escaped this time. I will have to check to be sure the woman at the shop has a licence. My 5:00 appointment does cut into my docktail time though.

I managed to get a great haircut at the O’Hair salon and spent an interesting 20 minutes with a great ambassador for Grafton. I learned about the river, the town (before the 92 flood and after) and I had an old style haircut. Not that the haircut was old style, but the conversation and banter was old style.

On my return to the marina it was time to help ‘Last Mango’ and ‘Infinite Sea’ move from their slips over to the service dock for fuel and stuff. They will stay on the fuel dock overnight and leave before 07:00. Several other loopers will be along with them on their way to visit  Fern at Hoppies.

We met up with the folks from Senior Moments… we learned that the master of the ship is a retired math teacher and Maury forgot to knot the bitter end. She regaled us with stories of her teaching career and some of her “did I say that out loud” moments.

We had a great evening on the lower level at Grafton. We held an official skippers meeting…all I remember is the motion to adjourn.


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