XXXV Bar Island to Bar Island

Saturday September 20, 2014

I can see the sun, but there is a sun dog. When you see a sun dog it normally means there is a ring around the sun… (sorry I couldn’t resist) We have decided to let the day pass here at anchor. There is a chance of severe storms and I’m on a good hook in a place to swing so we will stay and ride it out. I could have left and gone to some unknown place downstream but is there room and/or is there good holding etc? Don’t leave a safe harbour harbor in questionable weather. The weather will be a tad cooler after this passes but still over 70 during the day and I expect warmer than back home.

We have no internet and the VHF NOAA weather is more regional than I like to make decisions on. We did make contact with Mike at home and he thought the radar looked like it would brush by us without rain. I will report. I also helped him with an issue with the water heater at home.

It was a very quiet night here. I have learned to wake up when the vibration of a passing Tow can be heard. They leave a small wake but not too much.

I understand the concept. But I’m not sure it is right. ML is making me beer and cheddar soup. It smells great and I’m sure it will be good…but is it an appropriate use for beer? Won’t heating boil off the active ingredient? The Irish in me knows this is wrong but it is lunch time.

ML is also making bread. We are out of the store bought variety and her bread is amazing. Today’s version is 5 grain bread. The ingredients are a bunch of stuff in the food twister and out comes dough. Then instead of me she beats the snot out of the dough from time to time and then you bake it. Try it at home. I know my description makes this sound much easier than it really is, but put your cooking pants on and give it a go.

Update: The beer and cheddar soup is very good.

From time to time big logs (trees) come floating down and pass very near (or hit) Fracas. The interesting game you can play is ‘dodge the tree’. When you are on an anchor in a current you can steer the boat. Think of it as water skiing. So I can sit at the wheel and steer Fracas back and forth dodging the bits of the world that float by. (I need a project).

Those of you who have followed this blog know about Pork Tenderloin. Well, dinner is roast pork tenderloin with rosemary, baked sweet potato and green beans. All that for only 19.49 plus gratuity. She insists on the gratuity. Dessert will not be cheesecake but I ask everyday anyway.

You know what or who I don’t miss? Wolf Blitzer. In the mornings I did let CNN drone on about what was apparently going on in the world but I draw the line at Wolfie. Whenever that scruffy old guy (Wolfie not me) interviews someone his questions are 9 sentences long and he doesn’t let anyone else talk ever. OMG! I think it is time to get the rubber chickens out.

In the afternoon I took on a project. The entertainment system (computers and stuff with movies) worked but looked like a dog’s breakfast with wires everywhere. My job was to make it look pretty. I think it looks better. It only took several hours and then the moment of truth…would it still work. Success. Wireless is anything but.

We have seen many of the Asian Carp. Our sightings have been along the shore and at marina docks. They jump and flop around. From the stories I had assumed they would be jumping into the boat and I could make good use of the taser, tennis racket and lacrosse stick I brought along for the sport. The tennis racket was handy for the bat but has been useless since. Bob informed Mary Lynn that the Asian Carp are good eating and further south they will be on the menu and called ‘silver backs’. I thought that silver backs were some kind of ape. Eating out is always a gamble…

17:15 we were just treated to a sail past by the ‘Spirit of Peoria’ a paddle wheeler or a facsimile, at least the paddle turned. Not sure where or how they steer those things…I will googlize that when next I’m connected. I’m sure some Wikepediatrician will have the answer I’m looking for.

The storms passed us in the evening. We got a lot of rain and lightning from a short distance. It seems a cell on either side. That’s just the way I like it.

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