XXIX – Sunny and Cold

Sunday September 14, 2014

Jeezuz Holy Crap Tabernac…the farther I go south the more clothes I have to wear. I left Little Current vowing I would not wear long pants (trousers) until next someone gets married. Even if there is a wedding, since I have Chicken legs I can wear those festive looking pull on tattoo sleeve things on my legs. Looks pretty spiffy. No pictures.

What is with this weather? Nothing gets my panties in a bunch like having to wear mitts while sailing! Notwithstanding that FRACAS is a Bobbitt, a sailboat with stick(s) removed (guys remember Lorena Bobbitt). I still have to drive. So far we have not had a straight enough stretch to let Ferd have the boat. (Ferd is our autopilot, short for Ferdinand Magellan).

We have been joined on the wall by several other loopers. Three of them rolled in near 10 oclock…it was a long wait for them at Lockport. Our goal is to get moving again today and put a big day in if we can. We are at the mercy of the locks. Commercial traffic has priority and that’s fine we are retired. There are still reports of the big river being near flood stage and that means lots of crap floating in it. Grafton is full of boats that won’t or can’t move and we could run into that backlog if we continue too fast.

More later


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