XVI – Coed baby shower?

 Saturday May 2nd, 2015

When you reach the ripe old age of 62 there is only a very limited list of things I haven’t done, attended or been involved with. There is a new addition today. I’m going to a baby shower…not to pop out of a cake (not that I remember ever having done that), but to attend the baby shower for my grandson. I had not even heard of such an event…I’m not sure if I feel trepidation or excitement but going I am.

I expect this ‘shower’ will be similar to a grade 8 dance, the boys will line up outside under the deck and ‘visit’ and the girls will cluster inside or on the deck and cover Crystal with bows (or whatever secret stuff they do at these events) and I left my hip flask on the boat. I will report on the activities and perhaps there will be pictures. I expect they will play games like this, I assume he has to identify objects while blind folded. We can obviously see it is a baby. I’m definitely taking rum.

I very much enjoyed my time teaching at Guelph this past week. When I was doing my summary, thanks and good byes I felt disappointed that I wasn’t like them and going back to work. Luckily this feeling passed quite quickly and I am once again happily retired if notwithstanding, not being in the Bahamas or with FRACAS

More later

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