XIX – Hammond Indiana

Since our arrival we have struggled to come up with a plan to move around the city; to pick up Jennifer, to shop, to visit the city and just get around. The marina staff have warned us to not walk off the property as this part of Chicago/Hammond has a dangerous reputation. So we rented a car. We called Enterprise and they came to pick us up to go get a car…it seemed like they took us deep into the city and for a moment I though we were off to the middle of nowhere… But we soon arrived at the Enterprise centre center. Paris our agent took us outside to pick a vehicle…there was only one a black jeep compass. It will serve us fine. Parking at the marina is included in our weekly charge so all is good, providing the car is still there.

The group of loopers is expanding. Some had their masts removed yesterday and some are planning to start into the rivers today. I am going to help EDE J and Endeavour 42 to go to Skyway and have her mast removed. This will help me prepare for our trip over on Tuesday as the unknown gets me higgle-d-piggledy.

I will update the blog on my return.


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