XXII Sunday September 7, 2014 Jeni arrives

Sunday September 7, 2014

roman numeral calculatorI’m using those damn Roman numerals to keep track of the day count. Can’t imagine what their calculator keyboards looked like.

Today Jeni flys in on Porter. I have to navigate our rental to midway airport, park, find Jen and get back to the boat. Her flight comes in just after 1, we will have to leave at 11. Remember my OCB related to airports. So far our travels have not been on any of the expressways or toll roads, today that changes. We will be at the airport before Jen leaves Toronto and Mary Lynn will look at me funny but at least we will be there.

peanut butter
which one to choose…No Kraft JEEZUZ

Today I have to learn to deal with some changes that will occur on our trip through the US. We are out of Kraft peanut butter. I found the JIF. We used to be able to buy JIF in Canada. It was sold through the Smuckers. What a great name for the jam company. But they stopped bringing JIF into Canada a few years back, dirty smuckers. There is a significant difference in the taste.  The Jif to me tastes very sweet and very salty. I still ate it though. I have reviewed several taste tests on the googlizer and it seems that skippys is the way to go. Peanut butter isn’t rum but it is a food group on FRACAS.

I have completed the temporary ‘stick’ for FRACAS, wait til you see this. I hope it will support the radar and the antennas for a couple of months. It rivals any of the sculptures we saw at Grand Haven.

Before the airport I will change the fuel filters, shunt some fuel over to the starboard tank and do an engine oil change. Work Work Work.

I’m sure there will be more to report after the airport outing…


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