XCV – Turner Marine – DEEP FREEZE

Tuesday November 18th, 2014

freezing-cold-person-cartoonTonight the temperature here is advertised to be 26f or about -3.3. It is interesting to listen to the breathless TV and radio weather people giving advice to the locals on how to survive the next 24 hours. They are cautioning folks to bring in their pets…don’t want to find them frozen to the ground in the morning. I don’t think there is a heater to be found in any store in the area. This place is supposed to be warm if not hot. Some houses in the flood zone are built on stilts so the plumbing to the house is vulnerable to freezing. People die down here when it turns cold. They resort to stupid methods of heating their homes and die from fire or Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Near us there is a green house operation that has acres of house and ornamental plants outside. All day long they have been struggling to cover what they can. They will likely run sprinklers all night to protect the plants. I’m wearing a long sleeve T and a hoodie. The locals are dressed like they are going to ice fish at -30 with wind and no shack…

I guess our bodies adjust to the extremes where we live. If it was to get to 95f or 35c on the Island we would try extreme and odd measures to get comfortable. The good news is it is beginning to warm up here starting tomorrow. We should be back in the 70s by Thursday.

Today is the last day we have the car. We have enjoyed the Suburban (available at McQuarrie Motors). It does have one feature that Mary Lynn likes and that annoys the b’jeezuz out of me. When the vehicle wanders over to the center line or shoulder line the appropriate cheek of your ass receives a kick or as GM calls it a vibration. ML suggests it is much better than getting killed, always the common sense. I’m sure the brain trust at GM considered options like a voice suggesting you get back in your lane or perhaps a very obnoxious sound. Perhaps little foam hands could come out of the headrest on the appropriate side and give you a slap upside your head. They however chose steering you by your ass. Just sayin… It is a great vehicle; very quiet, good on gas and very smooth on the road.

Fracas got her bowsprit re-installed today. We look more like a boat again. The welder has the old radar bracket and is changing it to fit the wind generator. I have a new scanstrut bracket for the radar and will mount it on the mainmast. Hoping for a little warmer weather to make the work go better. I have a cooler full of Yuengling lager and no incentive (heat) to get into it. When you have to wear mitts to drink beer the fun is gone.

More lateryuengling

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