Tuesday January’s 23rd, twenty eighteen

The weather forecast continues to show a realistic window to cross the Gulf Stream. We are going to make the run from Marathon. We will go Northeast through Hawks Channel to Turtle Harbor  then straight across to North Rock at Bimini then a right turn and straight to the Berries. We should get there by mid afternoon on Wednesday, total trip about 200 nautical miles.

We will depart in about an hour when we can see the hell balls that the fishermen use here to mark fishing traps. We will buddy across the Gulf Stream with ‘Soul Serenade’ Jimmie White and Sue. Nice to have a boat nearby when crossing. I suspect that the Gulf Stream will be a parking lot today as the next opportunity to cross Eastbound doesn’t appear to exist.

I wasn’t sure that my laptop would run today. Windows did some kind of mega upgrade it farted around most of the evening and well after we went to bed. I finally had to turn off the inverter let it work it out. But this morning it works, Windows!!!!???

You will be able to track us following on Inreach and the track me link on this page.  more later

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