Why is everyone wearing pants?

Friday January’s 19th, twenty eighteen

We are still wallowing in Florida’s Keys. Marathon to be specific. Boot Key Harbor is almost full and we had to relocate to a different mooring yesterday. We were on a mooring for boats to 60 feet. We are now on the Bono mooring (U2). The move put us closer to the dinghy dock and just a row or two over from Mango.

The cold continues here in Florida. Right now it is 54°f in the cockpit, only 18° warmer than our fridge. This is Florida for Crissakes!? We want and need to get to the Bahamas. A teaser window appears to be there on Monday/Tuesday but the possibility of sudden North wind and squalls make it unlikely for us. The CAPE index for that period is pretty high

It has been a few days since I sat here and blogged. Not sure why I took a hiatus. Probably I was getting a bit Keysie. I heard the term yesterday on the cruiser’s net. It was used in reference to the ‘Gas Station’ across the road. It seems they were telling everyone that their propane tanks couldn’t be filled and were defective, when the reality was they were out of propane. The moderator suggested that from time to time they could get a little ‘Keysie’ over there.

‘Keysie’ is not necessarily a look but an attitude. Severely Keysie folks could starve to death unless people bring them food. Potentially they could freeze when it is cold like it is now and the Florida freezing point is 55°f.

I spent one of the days rationalizing my stuff. In order to do this you have to set a bench mark about what treasure from your stuff leaves the ship:

  • you have no clue what the hell it is
  • it is broken and or worn out
  • it is ML’s and in your limited space
  • it smells funny or the label is gone…
  • it is pressurized and the rust is significant…
  • The item actually belongs in the ‘tickle trunk’

The most productive part of this process, I came up with about $3.36 in coins. I also cleared out the space in front of my tool box so the drawers can open freely and one container in my storage area was empty. That empty container was a temporary thing and it is now full, of tape. I moved all the rolls of tape from my drawer. The rule, if there was 4 rounds of tape or more it could stay. I threw out 10 rolls of tape…

ML and Mango K went out shopping and getting their feet painted. Perfect opportunity for me to come up with a support system for my new solar panels. Fracas and Mango have been trading stuff back and forth. Solar panels, InReach communicator, stainless tubing, inverter, cables etc., flipping from ship to ship. I have the frame up for the rail mounting for my new solar panels. I just need to get the brackets from Amazon. Whenever Amazon uses the United States Postal Service delivery schedules go out the window. The mail person in their little short pants and circus truck showed up yesterday and suggested “maybe tomorrow”.

Today we are off to the fountain and origin of ‘Keysie’. We are off on the bus to Key West. I look forward to meeting Spiderman and Darth Vader. Perhaps I will even have a ‘Flying Monkey’ at Fogarty’s. The oddest part of our day will be the bus ride back from Key West to Marathon. Flying monkeys will be an effective descriptor of the occupants of that bus… more later

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