Why are we here?

Sunday November 27th, 2016

calvin3I suspect you are waiting for me to enter a long and wandering diatribe about existence. No. The question is much simpler than that. Why are we here in Suart Florida? I just get a headache when I think about those fundamental philosophical existence questions…why why why?

John and Karen, the Mangos. Key West sometime in the past
We are waiting here to reunite with the Mangos. Remember them? We travelled the rivers, Florida and the Bahamas with them in our first year. Their boat is in the middle of nowhere (central Florida) at a marina that was a former secret air force base, Area 50.5. You’ve heard of the other one…insert alien sounding music here. I hear this marina is operated by Norman Bates cousin Larry.

Anyhow, they are waiting to do their family Christmas before returning to the boat and finish the transit of the Okeechobee finokie trail that finishes here in Stuart. With any luck at all they will sail up to FRACAS in mid January and we will move on and go places.

Where we go next is in the hands of the weather, fate, and Bahamas. We are hearing from folks who are stopping here after coming through the Bahamas that the damage there is more severe than we had heard. Problems getting fuel and supplies in the areas worst smacked by Matthew. I’m going to email my friend Gord who is there year round get the story. We might transit the Florida coast and go to Key West and on to the Dry Tortugas… Time will tell.

Today we are off to the local farmers’ market have lunch in town and then attend the community concert that is held each Sunday downtown. It is very sophisticated here, the stores don’t open until 11 or 12 or whenever they get up.

more later

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