“Well Doggies”

Saturday December’s 16th, twenty seventeen

Packing to come back North for Christmas was an easy task this time. Five pairs of flimsies and toiletries. I often use the term flimsies, in this case it refers to tropical boxers. My first recollection of the use of ‘flimsies’ was by Jed Clampett a TV character from the Beverly Hillbillies. He is much more famous for his “well doggies”. Toiletries, what an odd word. It sounds like a forest of trees suitable for pissing upon. On a quick google, I have discovered that the use of toiletries (the word) is on the rise.

All my winter clothes were up North, all I had to do was make it from airport to car to house and I could reunite with flannel. I quickly jumped into flannel jammy bottoms, long sleeves and wool socks. I was pondering a wool scarf but for indoors, I settled on a boa.

Yesterday, our first full day in the cold required my T-max lined pants, not lined in the pinstripe meaning but lined with some high tech stuff. Hmmm, pinstripe T-max pants might be sporty… They are very effective and welcomed. I also eventually found (located the place where ML stored it) my fake real rabbit fur and vinyl (leather) winter trooper hat. These hats are required for people from Florida and those who wish they were.  The hat is also a reminder of Cousin Eddie from ‘Christmas Vacation’ and the infamous ‘shitter’s full’ quote.

M, C and H are heading south for a Christmas fête for her family. This will give us a brief opportunity to dismantle the trans-cellar dwelling (Thomas) railway. I now wear black flash work boots to navigate the tracks, trains, cars and stuff eagerly awaiting aged feet… tabernac

more later

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