Wednesday November 27th –

Rick is digging in the freezer in search of the Cornish hens. No, they are not part of the crew. We are not that silly. The crew consists of the regulars; Conch (gray rat), Fritter (white rat), Achmed (the dead terrorist), Lawrence the lizard, the cock-a-roach, Wilson our first crewmember and my invisible friend ‘the parrot’. We have no positions open with a crew like that.

Rick is using the french press to make coffee. It tastes fine but he thinks it tastes funny. He comes up with a solution that involves mixing the coffee in the carafe by repeatedly turning it upside down and back. This would be fine if the lid were secured, not so, hot coffee in his hands and he said some swears in french, english and farsi.

We would like to go up the mountain to hog heaven for a meal. My knee is quite sore and I think it is from climbing t0041-0903-2705-5657_illustration_funny_chicken_in_a_soup_pothe friggin ladder in the yard. It is a little better today with only a few steps up and down to get around the boat. Rick is exploring a free cab ride that may be associated with taking a ball in Leverick. I will not walk! Have you seen the size of this hill? No glimpse of heaven, Hog or otherwise will sucker me into risking my knee.

Today for lunch is the last day for my soup. It was a great success again. We couldn’t find the chicken stock we so easily find at home. So I made it not using a real chicken (even though they are plentiful) there was some concern about the butchering and de-feathering required. Mary Lynn insisted that boiling a yard chicken with the feathers on might lead to some debilitating and drippy disease. So we used  Campbells canned chicken broth. We have more sodium in us now than the ocean. We can walk on the water.

Rum in short supply on this vessel. A shore excursion is required and hopefully we can find the black fluid. A couple of fresh bottles will wipe this lugubriousness from my spirit with new goslings for guzzlings.

Just spent an hour putting new snap hooks on the fender step only to discover that the new hooks won’t go on the friggin eyes on the boat. JEEZUZ

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