Wednesday November 20

All I can see is blue sky and hear is fans. I’m sleeping with a green fan, the green takes a little getting used to. Also sleeping under a bug net. Not just any bug net but a treated one. Contains some chemicals that drives the bugs away…no side effects except I am drawn to light bulbs and I pee my pants when Rick gets out the fly swatter.

The absence of Christmas lady (or Holiday lady) is really starting to bother me. Her perch is still there just outside Buck’s grocery store. Ah, the significance of the name of the store just hit me. They get a big grocery store attaboy for stocking goslings. It is 13 ‘Bucks’ which is 2 ‘Bucks’ more expensive than last year at the Costco (TICO) liquor store in Roadtown.

Rick is still asleep. He sleeps longer because at his age just waking up is a big celebration. The big Wooo Hooo each morning when he realizes he is on the right side of the grass is very moving. I just wish he would get moving with breakfast. I have made the coffee which entailed flipping the switch. I got so much shit for buying the expensive coffee…I have so much to learn.

I’m going to try to cook a meal or two this trip…but he scares me with his high pitched ‘GET THE F**K out of my kitchen.

There may have been a live Cockaroach sighting…a can of pringles was moving mysteriously through the galley.

Today is day one of the fitness program. We are going to walk each day…wait for it…with no destination…just for the sake of walking. I will have to find some athletic flip flops if I’m going to be part of this program.

Ricks play friend from last spring is supposed to be by for coffee this morning. Seamus has a wonderful lilting speech and the first words out of his mouth were ‘How did you get mixed up with this French arsehole’ I like him already.

I will add pictures when I get computers to talk to friggin cameras



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