Unintended consequences

Wednesday February 15th, 2017

My Valentine relaxing on the beach…drinking water

Yesterday was valentines day. They were having a Valentine’s dinner at the restaurant but we decided not to take part. So, we went out for lunch instead at the marina’s beach bar on the reef side of the resort. We did a bucket of beer and had a nice lunch. Our plan was to have a finger food dinner later.

We gathered on FRACAS for our finger food and sun downers.  Our entertainment was watching other boaters wearing their mainland pants, Caribbean shirts and noisy shoes amble uncomfortably up to their prime rib or rack of lamb or grouper or is it groupie? Later we heard the unmistakeable sounds of a sax-a-horn wafting over the marina. This wafting was followed a little later with what smelled like Yorkshire pudding fumes. I’m not sure Yorkshire pudding has fumes but you know what I mean.

Happy Valentine to everyone out there. ML received a Valentine from Harrison. I suspect his father had to help him some but what the hey.

I take a lot of pictures and my son Mike says to save them in RAW format as well as JPG so “if I ever take a ‘good’ picture” we can work with it. I worry about storing pics and losing them if I ever pushed the wrong button on the computer.  So, my pics are stored on the cloud. I picture the cloud as  a retired Winnebago in the dessert out in Arizona or New Mexico operated by a guy who chews tobacco and spits on hot rocks to hear the sizzle. I also have started to store my ok pics on SmugMug.

There was a button, a choice and a risk. The button said link your website to SmugMug. What could go wrong. I pushed the button, added the link to my website.  I went for a walk and as I went by Mango Karen says “your blog is gone” Back to the boat and sure enough it said “Temporarily unavailable”. Oh Oh. So, I went to GoDaddy and connected to their chat support. Nothing we can do, typed an IT tech from an RV in New Mexico. You have to get SmugMug to fix this. In my mind SmugMug had already fixed this and fixed it good.

SmugMug tech emailed from an igloo in Nanisivik that this was an issue for GoDaddy hosting and why would I have done what I had done. Why put a choice like that out there for computer hacks (not hackers) like me to try. The less than helpful chat person at GoDaddy said “you have to phone support and talk to hosting”. I have no phone. The phone store here in Green Turtle Cay is only open on Thursday.

I hate to do it but I had no choice. I had to go to my IT support, my son Michael back home. I could hear his voice “what have you done now” and or “why did you push that button” or “Is it plugged in”. I could see him wearing his “I see stupid people” T-shirt. I sent him a few texts including passwords, account numbers and pin numbers. “Tell me exactly what you did” he started? He was in and making adjustments and just as the call went through to GoDaddy hosting his adjustments redirected computer things back to fracasw42.com.

I’m thinking that now that Mike knows how to fix it I might go back and try to make the link again. What could go wrong?

Not sure what we have planned for today. The wind is to build today with some squalls overnight tonight. The weather improves starting Friday. I think we are out of here on Sunday.  more later




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