Time to move… find the inreach?

Saturday January’s 6th, twenty eighteen

Start: 27 17.124’N 80 13.090’W End: 27 6.879’N 80 8.544’W approximately 12nm

This is the third or fourth morning of huddling around the heater and warming our hands around our coffee cups. The heater will not be available after we leave the dock. The good news is the weather is to improve over the next couple of days and the temp will almost get back to normal by tomorrow.

This pic is for me

I thought I should start the engine and make sure things are ready to move. It started right up as always and when it did I noticed the raw water pump was leaking at the seal… damn. Not an acceptable drip… drip… swap out was attempted. Why is it that there is always one friggin’ bolt that is hiding behind everything and no tool will reach it. I finally got it one click of the ratchet at a time. It worked. No leaks. Holy crap. Now I have to get another kit and rebuild the leaking pump. (Parts link) The re-install required starting the bolt with one finger from each hand and about 30 minutes of magic words and gutter incantations.

Getting parts will become problematic again as we will be of no fixed address after lunch time today. We have to check in again at Key Largo so that may be our option for the pump kit. We are hoping to get a pump out this morning, the pump out service is by a third party? more later



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