Monday August 21st, 2017

Where will you be today when the moon passes between us and OUR sun. CNN is bleating on and on about the ‘Zone of Totality’. I have friends who are travelling south or north to get into the ‘Zone of Totality’. In my head I hear Rod Serling’s voice talking about the ‘Zone of Totality’… Below find a clip of Mr. Serling talking about a related subject.

It is disappointing that we are not in the ‘Zone of Totality’. Luckily H is not old enough that he needs to know that we are not in the Zone. I felt no homing instinct like the millions of people drawn to the Zone for the few minutes of darkness. I have played golf starting at midnight and ending at 3am in Yellowknife, but that’s another story. At the appropriate time this afternoon, I will simply close my eyes for a few minutes and revel.

I think it will be a great opportunity for pick pockets. Millions of folks standing face skyward, transfixed with their space age appropriate goofy glasses safely watching the celestial billiards, while their wallets are snagged by some Criss Angel  wannabe. I’m not going to lose my wallet (again), I will be in the basement (that’s where we live though) in my tornado safe zone, clutching my Mr. Bean (authentic) teddy bear. Not taking any chances.

There are many references to eclipses through history. I’m from the 50’s and 60’s. Red Skelton had two seagull characters; Gertrude and Eclipse the two seagulls…

Who decided the size of the moon? Isn’t it odd that it almost perfectly covers the sun when it passes between us. Some intervention determined the shadow appropriate size… Now the old debate. I took the test again. I’m an agnostic, I just don’t know.

My tombstone ( I like old westerns) will read: Gregory Allan Wright, “I told you I was sick” ( ML is a nurse and this is another complete rant) and “I’m still waiting…”

More when we come out the other side



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