The trouble with Ho’s

November’s fourteenth, twenty seventeen

I selected the ho’s I wanted to use to replace the system on Fracas by copious research and perusing Practical Sailor ad finitum the wining ho’s was chosen. That’s the good news, the bad, only 10 feet in Florida another twenty or so in Waukegon. New plan? We were going to have to forage around Florida to find an appropriate hose. We want to use the best ho’s we can afford. Luckily I remembered a marine store in Stuart that had a lot of maintenance stuff and a corner of the store had nothing but ho’s.

Chapman’s Marine in Stuart, the nice lady on the phone said they had ho’s that had not even been used yet. She quoted a great price for the 1.5″ hose so we were on our way. Less than 30 minutes south to Stuart and we like Stuart. We arrived and the hose located no cutting required the pieces there were exactly what we needed. The lady had made an error, hence the great price but she honoured it.

We picked up a few odds and sods and some pure anhydrous lanolin to lubricate the through hull valves. I have a couple of through hulls that need to be properly serviced. This includes lapping them with liquid sanding media.

Also today the new tank, wind instrument and aft head pump arrive. We can get this project moving again. The tank should be there around the crack of 10:00 when our side of the FF marina arrives for work.

Enough technical corner…

I got up and went out early to try  to get a pic of Jupiter and Venus this morning. They were supposed to be very close together in the predawn sky. Hard to see in the pic though.

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