The road home…or remember not to fly Liat

All the alarms worked flawlessly. I know that because I was laying awake waiting for them to go. Rick made a special breakfast sandwich and the usual coffee. The wind had come up as advertised and the dinghy ride to shore went perfectly. The keys for Walter’s truck were as promised, the ride to the airport went well,,,the wheels fell off at the Liat checking counter. Only one checked bag until after Christmas.
The lady said just jamb everything in one bag. I had a suggestion for her as well but I kept my happy face on and sorted some good stuff to jamb into my big bag. She said what are you going to do with the other bag? I said I would ship it by Seaborne ( their new competition ). I was leaving a bag of shorts and t’s.
I forgot my rule, never fly Liat.
Did I mention never fly Liat. So I was sacrificing one bag and a bunch of clothes. I never voiced my displeasure but when I threw my bag on the seaborne counter and walked away, security intervened. He took the bag I explained my situation and he said why are you flying Liat? JEEZUZ.
Just as I’m going to enter security I hear a ssst…. Ssst. I look and a lady is calling me back. I had just started to do all the security…but I went back out. She said the Liat agent needed to talk to me. I could only assume that they were going to apply the no luggage a no Greg policy.
It turns out she’s had a change of heart. Take your other bag on as cabin luggage. Now she’s suggesting three cabin items. It’s a setup.
Back to security with all my shit I’m mad and sweating, and the young security lad says are you all right sir. “No just hot”
I strip down for the security check and everything goes well except for the two inflatable life jacket kits in my previously to be checked bag.
I’m pulled aside and it’s getting interesting. What are these? I try to explain and luckily in this case the supervisor comes out and says they are ok in checked luggage. I explain the story again and he says we have to confiscate them. 80 bucks. Remember don’t fly Liat.
Now I’m carrying all these bags I expect trouble at the plane but the original Liat agent is at the plane and helps me stow all my stuff less the inflator kits.
My issues flying have been tested.
Leg one to St Maarten was easy. I don’t know what all the fuss is about crossing to that island. We land over the cool beach. 15 minutes later we are off to St. kitts.

At this point I’m in St. Kitts just one more hop to Antigua and I’m done with Liat.
I do have to reclaim and re check all my stuff but it’s Air Canada…what can go wrong.
Each of my seat mates on the hops has had a carry on piece that will go in the bins with the help of a pry bar and the jaws of life. “Would you help me with this”? JEEZUZ.
Arrived in Antigua ok. Cloudy and rainy here.
6 hour wait now for AC. LATAH

This is my new friend. He puffs himself up and releases a kind of neat “I want Pringles” sound. Then I give him Pringles. So far I’ve killed an hour and he can’t fly anymore. He’s only had one small can they really have affected him. Now he justs lays there watching CNN.

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