The ground is getting further away – weekend edition

As I age—I’m 70 and 3/4—I’m noticing that the ground is getting further away. If, unfortunately, something falls to the surface of this orb we live on, a round trip to pick it up takes more and more time. While this trip is underway, different hinges and muscles on my body complain and hurt. While this trip is underway, I find myself groaning like the tier 7 midway rides we get at home.

I’ve also observed that the force of gravity and very likely, the laws of gravity have been amended. I don’t mean that things are falling faster or with an acceleration of more than 9.8 m/sec. I mean, more things are falling. Gravity is reaching out and knocking things out of my hands, from shelves, tables and well, stuff. Gravity is getting bitchy. I think people were much better off before Newton invented gravity.

Something to think about. More later