The Chevys go to sea! (mark and fran)

Mark and Fran (Blue Text)

We are in the land of boats, sunshine and rum! Mark and I had an uneventful trip and only delay was from San Juan to Tortola when Cape Air kept us waiting about an hour until they found us a pilot. Captain Dan was very piloty looking and we had an awesome flight. He assured me that the glue was dry on the wings of our toy plane. The Cessna was a 10 seater (that included the pilot) and the luggage was stored in the nose and wings of the plane. I sat behind the pilot and we had amazing views of the islands coming in and even saw Grand Cru on the hook at Penn’s as we flew by.

Provisioning done we ventured out to Marina Cay. We attended our first full moon party were we tried to obtain a Black Seal Regatta ball cap from a salty dog for you Greg but he would not part with it, offered him quite a bit of cash and booze from Rick’s hip flask but no go..

Once under way to Virgin Gorda Mark noticed a problem with the steering systems (stopped at a friend’s mooring ball for repairs) and then the boys spent the next 3 hours sawing and drilling and fixing and luckily were able to correct the problems.

I am now an official mooring hooker! My success rate is at 90% and Captain Rick has put his stamp of approval on our approach! We are as ready as possible to take Grand Cru on our maiden voyage tomorrow. While in Virgin Gorda we observed the Irish holiday known as St. Patty’s Day, thanks to Greg we had a plethora of costumes. We also got to see Blue Guitar unfortunately Eric Clapton was not on deck but still had a great day at the Sand Box relaxing on the beach.

The next day we saw an amazing rainbow, but no Leprechauns. The day we left the north sound we were witness to the first leg of a race (3 day event) which we hope to catch the final leg Saturday morning when we return. Rick left for the airport at about 05:45 Friday morning. We are topping off water tanks and getting a few more provisions before setting off on our first solo adventure. As an aside, we made a trip to Road Town today and conveniently I forgot Credit cards on the boat, very economical trip…marriage in jeopardy we couldn’t afford lunch just enough cash to take bus home.

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