T/T to Fracas

Wednesday September 26th 2018.

It has been a while since I sat here and tried to put words to screen. I have been on a Hiatus? The last time I was associated with a Hiatus Paul Van Boxel was involved. This most recent ‘Hiatus’ seems to be resolving, but you will ultimately be the judge. Hopefully I can get through this without a scar from ‘stem to gudgeon’. How did I get here?

Our second grandchild was scheduled to arrive yesterday and appears to be late. It’s not like they are motoring to Manitoulin for a visit, this is the big arrival. To help with transitions and things ML will remain here while I tend to Fracas in Florida. I will not be alone, I have recruited an able bodied seaman to assist me. Captain Rick will be join me on the trek south and until further notice on Fracas. The plan is that ML will rejoin the crew after the New Year and our daughter’s wedding.

We have purchased a travel trailer to assist with living arrangements while Fracas is being prepared for sea and when she returns. Rick and I will be T/T to Fracas,… Trailer Trash

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