Sunday March 23 – Mark and Fran – Our second day at Leverick Bay

Up early and we have gotten some work done aboard Grand Cru or GC.  Dodgers and port holes have been cleaned as well as the dingy. I also got the zippers lubricated with Ricky Boys special zipper lubricator!!  Mark is presently scrubbing the decks as I write here down below with the fan blowing on me!  Not complaining but holy crap it’s hot! Tanqueray and tonic helping to keep me cool! 

If pigs could fly!  We went to Hog Heaven for lunch and breathtaking views of North Sound.  Being vegetablearians as Greg calls us we had pulled pork sandwiches that were delicious! A side of plantain and coleslaw filled our bellies!  Now we suspect that Captain Rick asked Walter from Penn’s Landing to attach a GPS tracker to Grand Cru to keep an eye on us!!!  We met up with him and his beautiful bride at Hog Heaven just as we were leaving…what are the chances!!!  They escaped to Bitter End for the weekend and were enjoying some alone time just like us!

We also met a couple aboard Mistress from Hamilton Ont. today.  They left Canada in 2012 and followed the inter-coastal route which meets the Atlantic via the Hudson River.  You can see their story at

Our taxi driver today was Ulrick who was the harbour master in Spanish Town for many years and remembers Grand Cru from the yard where she is kept when we are not here.  He has met Morgan Freeman who also has his boat in the same yard as GC.

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